Where is this, what is this?

You've landed on a webcomic that has been running since 2015, called Year In Hereafter.

The comic borrows from the Finnish Kalevala epic, which is our national mythology.

YIH is a fantasy-adventure tale starting from our modern year 2015. The story will take
you from the sceneries of Lapland, through the death realm of Tuonela, and reaches its
destination in the foreign realm of Kalevala. Specifically its southern half and land
of eternal summer, Väinölä.

Of course, that eternal summer is about to turn into an everglacier.

For a new reader there is a lot of ground to cover.

If you fancy e-books, here's free ones for you to pick up with an option to donate.

Comic status

Updating sporadically!

I'm a full-time student with a growing golden retriever working two shifts,
so I draw the comic infrequently.
Keep an eye either on the RSS or my socials to see when there's updates
or check back every once in a while.

Website development


Some fixes + adds!
• Fixed the borked logo link which redirects to the front page

• Got feedback on the "latest page" and "starting page" texts on the navigation bar feeling unintuitive, because they weren't clickable. I've made them interactable. In case you're seeing the texts in double, please refresh your cache (ctrl + f5) and it should look nice again. :3

• Added little bobble heads on the archive showing featured cast in each chapter

Pending fixes:
• You can click the page you're reading and go forward, however the latest page still directs to a 404. That's on the list of fixes.

• About-section is still empty, waiting for a creative stroke to write it.

• The RSS links don't quite work, I'm not sure why?
I'm pretty clumsy with RSS. If anyone knows their way around it and has ideas to improve it, I'll be happy to hear feedback. Check the previous website dev update for contact info!

• On the archive the button for Chapter 2 is... fidgety. I have little clue what's bothering it. It's not an urgent fix, but I'd like it working eventually.



And the website is back up!
All new, thank you for coming and hope you'll like it here. :D

If you notice mistakes or broken links, please do let me know!
Either comment, poke me on Twitter at @yearinhereafter
or send me an e-mail. mikaelhankonen to

The update brought:

- Debris from previous builds
- Removed a couple pages from the comic, being sketches and previews.
Figured there's no better time to sort those out. 5 pages removed overall.

New Graphics
- Went the risky route and tried to create a "homebrewn" look. There's 2 ways that
it tends to go, either it'll stand the test of time really well, or it will look
horrible very soon. Let's hope for the former...
- Don't think I recycled anything from the old layout other than the recap section.
It's all new!
- Especially happy about dusting out the cast-section, I redrew every character as a
smaller version and redid all the chapter banners.

New hierarchy
- Not sure if it's better, but it's mine. :p
Learned to do the necessary PHP. Earlier layouts were built by a friend who naturally
does a lot more efficient job at web design, but I finally managed to do it myself
and learned new stuff.

Author comments and dates on old pages are lost.
- This I don't personally mind so much! The pages have a general year of creation written
on them, that's specific enough.
- I hope Disqus migrated your old comments though, it's preserving you guys' penprints that
I care about. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed!