Year In Hereafter is an indie fantasy webcomic loosely based on the Finnish
folklore and national epic, Kalevala, borrowing its monsters, deities and characters.
The story is set to happen between two parallel realities:
Our modern world of 2015, and a fictional sister realm based on the epic's stories.
This parallel world thus has been named to its namesake, known as the
Northern Continent of Kalevala.

For a new reader, there is a lot to cover.
If you fancy, you can grab the PDF versions of both volumes I and II to catch up quicker,
then come back here after finishing them. They're free with the option to donate. Cheers!

Comic status currently: Active!

Updates on Wednesdays and Fridays continuously until February 10th, approx. Latest Website Developments:

Well, I added this section first of all! Reckoned I should be more vocal about what happens on the admin side, I've been more active with the RSS feed so this feels like a natural step forward. The site has added a Recap section for quick refreshers on what happens on the story, and Gallery section is the flashy newcomer and it's full of stuff. I highlight the recent additions in there with coloured borders, and will inform here when anything's added to either section. Think this will be the first and last update for 2020, wishing you happy holidays~

For the fans of social media, YIH has got outlets for page updates, art and everything else at Twitter and Facebook.

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