Magic! This is looking bit different, innit! You can actually go back a page and compare the difference.

Right! From now on, we’re updating on a different platform entirely, not that it causes you any extra action. RSS stays the same and everything else. The old layout stays on the older pages, because I couldn’t be bothered to migrate 320 pages worth of images, descriptions and comments to this system. :B

Again, a lot of the thanks for making this function in the least is to Elli. She did an amazing job this whole week renewing not only Tistow, but Small Trolls also, and she offered to give me a hand to do all of this to YIH too.

Anyway! Now that we’ve settled to this platform, we can look at giving Patrons preview pages. I’ve been thinking showing a week’s pages in advance through there, depending on how bugless I could make that work.

Also, Jáhko and Veeti will continue running for their goal here in the comment section, because they can.
And I saw some trouble for that animation, I want to flaunt it.