Getting less happier by the minute. x3 We’re spending next Friday with Ieva and Mika too, then we’re going back to see what’s up in Valkeala before we wrap this chapter up!


Also, we’ve gotten reeeeally close to our goal during this week! Last minute edit: We got there. We’re looking to confirm this at the beginning of next month~

I have to get a little personal about this for a second, I’m feeling a little confused and soul-selly talking about these crowfunding things and Patreons and everything, ever since last summer I’ve felt like I’ve been part of something all the time.


I don’t want to pressure anyone to toss money at anything despite the fact there’s a meter running downwards from here. This comic will not require the money you’ve worked hard to earn, I do want to be clear about this. If anyone ever feels like the $-sign is too constantly in front of your face, I do want to know. I don’t want to accidentally alienate you lot.