That chapter break couldn’t come sooner I have to admit! I’m sure you guys have seen on Discord how I’ve been messing up my links in the RSS and such lately, and I’m really happy you’ve been pointing them out to them. I keep constantly doing little mistakes I should be able to catch.


It’s been a rough-ish month. I picked up some hobbies because I’ve had some mental exhaustion recently, I keep worrying about the silliest things, and some… Rather serious issues I guess?

As embarrassing as it is to admit, I have borderline personality disorder, which is basically a diagnosis for a very unstable personality. It’s pretty much what it sounds. It’s not like bi-polar, but there are highs and lows. The highs are euphoric and rewarding, while the lows are very, very, very bad for the sort who suffers from self-destructive tendencies, and it can cause stress to close people around someone who has BPD.
I’ve known I have this condition for 6 years, but only recently I’ve started to really process it. And to be honest, it’s been embarrassing to admit to all the close people around me. I’m currently queuing for “specialist” treatment for the matter. Not only is it a burden just in normal life, it’s possibly something that might stop me from proceeding with transitioning in the future. Worst case scenario, it could take the hormone therapy off the table. It hasn’t been fun to think about that.


So, that break will come in handy! … Well I’ll still be drawing and planning the crowfunding of course, I’m really excited about both things. Even if the crowfunding wouldn’t go through it’s a big step for me to even try for the first time.


Also, I’m aware that the Small Trolls page you should’ve had during July didn’t come. All I can say is that hopefully we’ll have two pages to give you during August. We’ll do our best.


There! I just wanted this rant to be on a page that won’t be stuck on front for 2 weeks during the chapter break. x’3 More information about starting chapter 9 next Friday.