Jaakko hates his life.

Well! Today was a day of mundane achievements, but me being a rather timid unimpressive person altogether, I feel a little bit better about myself.

I’ve sorted out my business taxing cycles, I don’t need to worry if “oh my god am I supposed to do them now or what forms exactly am I supposed to fill, how, will I go to jail”, so that’s nice.

Also, today, I’ve done yoga guided by a mobile app for exactly a month. And it’s not been that bad of an idea:

I’m getting closer to that desirable ability to turn into a full human-knot. Like – if I closer means it just and just might be ever possible. I’ve not really needed painkillers for headaches or armpain since I started.
This severely damaged right arm still poses motoric problems, but I think it’s starting to easen up.