And that’s the concluding thought for Chapter 8 there! That was a short installment. But we’ll make up for it in the next one, which is mega long.
The longest installment in the comic yet. Like I’ve stated for a few times, it’s gonna be 100 pages!
… Well it actually stretched to something around 106 pages when I last went over the script and what I’ve finished so far, and felt like it’s still a little too squished together.


OK, so. * checks calendar *

On the 16th day I’ll be uploading the mid-break thingy.
Basically I’ll just remind you when the new chapter starts and I get a reason to prod social media, and we have a place for announcements should anything interesting happen in the meanwhile.
So far there’s nothing else I really need to let you know about, we’re good!

The chapter in itself will start on Friday the 30th with a chapter cover.


In the meanwhile, I’ll be doing the comic streams despite the break. Every now and then. At least.
I’m working on Chapter 9’s middle section at the moment so that’s what I’ll be streaming, unless I get an idea for an illustration.
Obviously, if spoilers spook you, I do not show any dialogue or script or anything of the like during the streams to avoid that.
And like I said it’s the middle of the chapter I’m drawing currently, so there should be only minimal chance the plot would get ruined. : 3

** Yeah about that, well. STUFF HAPPENED. I’ve been unable to bring myself to stream after all 😛
Probably for the best too.