OK! The 30th is drawing closer and we’re almost starting the new chapter, I’ve been trying to tie up all kinds of other business that is due towards the end of the year, so y’know. It’s been eventful! And the layout’s themed to the new installment too.

And something a little darker too. On top of the stress I’ve had some personal issues. It didn’t only make me leave the Patreon, but now the Discord server too without much explanation as to why. Reasons will remain private but I can at least give some context and apologise for it being so sudden.


To sum it up, clinical depression and survival disassociation dipped my already modest at best IQ to equate my shoe size. ANYWAY:

The sub-channel for YIH is still there I think..? However, I didn’t get anyone to keep updating it on my behalf.
From this point on my Twitter, RSS, Facebook and this website are the reliable sources to keep up.

I really hope me leaving didn’t bum you out or anything.
As was with Patreon, if you feel like there’s something that bothers you about my sudden decision to scoot, you’re free to reach out.
Twitter is one way, and contact@yihcomic.com

I really appreciated when ever I got helpful points from the members of the Discord, for example when I messed up a page upload or something, so thanks to everyone who did that!
That’s so cool of you, you guys are troopers.


Phew! That’s out of the way now, But now I can man up and stop feeling sorry for myself. 👏
Let’s hope nothing terrible happens before the new chapter starts, because I seriously can’t wait!

Cheers dudes~!