Casual shade between coworkers, and Sakari putting two and two together.


SPECIAL stream info:

Alright, last night I decided to cough up the courage to do a poll and ask the following;
Would we be interested in a livestream where I go through Year In Hereafter, page by page, and provide live commentary on it.

Basically, some of the art is ooooold.
And now that I’m more happy with the new content, I want to go have a healthily critical look at the old art, and see the things I like about it.
And if there’s some interesting tidbit of information or a “story”, I want to share that too and chat with you guys about it.

There was an overwhelmingly positive response, so we’re doing this. Let us further clarify;


Handy information:
First of all, there has to be two streams. In the first one I will be going through Book I, the rest in the second.
I have no idea how long the streams would be, but I am an avid blabbermouth, so I’m gonna guess anywhere between 2 or 3 hours.
I will record the streams and share them later on Youtube.
Unless I somehow mess that up… I should have enough capacity in my computer to hold them though.

There will be internet deaths, so be ready to press F to pay respect and reboots.
I don’t know why but my internet’s been a fidgety mess. But we’ll get through it with hardware resets.

Due to the abrupt nature of the Holiday Season, I have to hold the streams this week.

First stream on Tuesday;
11th of December, 22:00 UTC +2

Second stream on Thursday;
13th of December, 22:00 UTC +2

(For the Americans/Canadians/Anyone in the similar timezone, this should be around 4 – 6 pm depending on where you’re located)


This is where the stream will happen, so you know, you can go follow to get a notification, bookmark it, so forth!

Keeping an eye on my Twitter should help too.


EDIT: Just shifted to OBS and made a whole new set-up. I’ll see you there!