Ding ding ding, Sakari (and the other lot) returning was correct!
Happy Monday, it’s the last stretch until Christmas Eve.
(Which doesn’t change updates by the way, staying regular through the holidays)


If you didn’t make it to the streams last week but you were interested in them, here they are:

Stream 1
Stream 2

There’s about 3 hours of me being nervous and rambling on, but the lights in the back are neat?
I’m not a comfortable speaker or a cool guy, I’ll just say that right out.
I look like I’m in constant pain. I forget to talk about the things I MEANT to talk about. I mess up my words a lot, can’t remember if I stuttered but if I did, that’s me :B

So if you’re really willing to sit through them and listen to me ramble on, just know this:
You’re probably one of the kindest people upon this Earth.

I bragged that I was gonna edit all the timewaster bits out such as the lobby, silent breaks, personal things, all that nonsense that doth come with streaming.

And edit I did. However I used a crap editor.
It wouldn’t get to exporting no matter how patient I was being with it, so I just uploaded the streams straight outta the record folder after getting fed up.