Doesn’t that sound nice. :3


OK, that’s the last page for the week, I’ll see you again next Monday!

Also, on yesterday’s page it was pointed out that the big case letter “I” can be a little unclear, as to some people it can come across as the lower case letter “L”.
For example some can misunderstand “Ieva” as “Leva”. If it happened to you, don’t worry, you’re not the only one.
But at this point the issue is so frequent I have to do something about it. :B

I’ll be fixing that for the next chapter and there are a couple other little things I want to touch on in the font.
At this point, if anyone else has recommendations on how to make the font easier to read, I’d happily hear them so I can make a list of things to look at.

If you’re too shy about putting it in comments below, is where you can send your thoughts.