The target of the gossip is another cameo!

This one is entirely special, and the character comes from AJ Itäpalo! Yaay! We’ve shared a ton of creative ideas with AJ during a long friendship, this character in question continues to be an inspiration and I couldn’t be more thrilled to give him a rather mysterious part in YIH. Only appropriate and I hope you’ll enjoy it. :’3


The cameo’s progenitor’s name is Valiant Desmarais/Commander Redfield. However, to sit them in the Kalevala theme, he will be called Punakuura in this setting. That translates to Redfrost. Catch all that?

He is also a nod to a little practice comic of 157 pages I drew before starting Year In Hereafter, and that comic is called Saronara.  Man have I come a long way from that… So I think it’s only appropriate to finally talk about the fact I drew it! If you wanna download Saronara and give it a read, go ahead and click here!

Saronara is a short post-apocalyptic story of brotherhood, deception and “artifact” hunting. Also masks and bad jokes.


AJ had a crucial part in the creation of it, there is no way I would’ve drawn Saronara if it wasn’t for a random brainstorming session we had about this desolated land with it’s spread out communities, struggling to survive in a crooked world, and the fact they lent Desmarais as a major character in there. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Did I mention? AJ’s art is absolutely brilliant, and looks like they’re involved in making a comic project of their own! God speed boios!