Veeti is a podgy boi at heart. The fact that he’s had to keep running in the swamp all his life is the only thing that keeps his cravings for sugar from having much superficial effect. And he hasn’t been running much within the last few months.


Aahh I’ve been getting busy, if you want a personal life vent there’s some here;

I’m currently arranging to move out from Oulu to the country, and I always imagined that it’s going to be an absolutely harrowing terrible stressful business. Because the previous move(s) was(were) absolute hell and finding an apartment took months. And this apartment was also way too expensive for someone fresh out of college and it was not pretty.

I think I got traumatised back when I moved here initially, arranging this current move has been so fluent and the stars keep aligning. I should be settled into a new home by August.

I’m gonna go see some places at the end of this week, I’m quite excited and hoping that I’ll find the cleanest flat possible with a safe environment.


Traveling to Helsinki to meet doctors gets a little more long winded but it already feels worth the effort.