Drawn by me, coloured (and co-written) by Elli. Didn’t Elli do a fantastic job? ♥
A name day is a tradition in some countries across Europe and Latin America. As the comic already tells you, every single day is dedicated for a couple of names. Those that have not made it to the calendar yet would be celebrate in February 29th, or May 22nd.
I always wanted to make something dedicated to name days, and Elli went ahead and researched Jaakko’s own. Turns out, his has a little bit of folklore behind it! What Veeti just said is not at all made up. (Although his little wordplay had to be improvised and crudely translated from the Finnish source, y’know how it be.)

We absolutely couldn’t miss the opportunity to use that context we discovered at the most perfect of times, considering the ending of Chapter 9, and what we will witness in Chapter 10 soon. And boy, they have no idea just how true some tales might turn out.

So, that’s the mini chapters uploaded and our next update will be 2 weeks from now!
We’ll start with the cover for Chapter 10, “Witch”.