YIH on a sudden break – what’s that all about?

Well, exhaustion. I’m not exhausted by my own comic though, just generally. I took very few weekends off, and worked very, very long hours on all sorts of things.

I’m really proud that I was able to be so productive, but the effects are undeniable. I conditioned myself to doing way too much work, and didn’t expect any less from myself.
When I finally noticed I can’t work at that pace and keep creative for ever, I got really depressed and refused to be by the computer at all for 3 weeks, just trying to accept the situation…
And my arm is a worse mess than I thought. : P

If there’s anything positive to take out of this, I got to make this piece for myself that I could use a whole week for, and challenge myself.


So is the comic ending? No. It’ll end when there is no more story to draw.
I got a little alarmed when some people seemed to understand that there’s a possibility of me quitting the comic.
It absolutely will continue. Very glad to hear you’ve liked the story! And it won’t end.
I really like you people.


How long does YIH have to wait? Indefinite, but it’s a long while.
I will be intensely busy with work until May at least. YIH will be low-priority on the draw-list for that time at the very least.
I should have some sort of new direction figured out by then. :3

That’s really all I have to say to keep this short and to the point!
I’ll leave you with this Halloween picture that’ll go out of season so quick, but it’s spooky and I like that. :B

It also features the starring cast so far from Elli Puukangas, Lorena Garcia and Michael Hawk. ♥