That’s nice isn’t it~ A little blip of snow though, that means bad things here.


On a more personal side, this Friday began on a higher note. I finally finished mandatory psychotherapy before I can start hormone treatments. At first I didn’t want to do the therapy at all and I didn’t feel like I needed it, but it turned out to be useful. The bloke I chatted with was lovely and kept up with my rambling. Anyway, therapy was the final step before I can finally get treatment. It’s been a long 2,5 years flying out to different doctors getting the diagnosis, now I just need to wait for the letter that I’ve been queued up to the hormonal clinic in Helsinki.

Sadly Uusimaa will be restricted and there will be no traveling in and out of there due to the epidemic, and I’m pretty sure it will delay the hospitals by a ton. Even without the quarantine I would’ve waited for the visit to the hormonal clinic for at least 4 months, and the battle against the virus might add a couple of months to it. Makes me sad but it really isn’t the time to be selfish about it and brood. I’ve gotten used to living low-profile so what’s another half a year of doing that.