Something I’ve been thinking about:

I’ve really thought about redrawing the first few chapters, but have been putting off thinking about it because I want to keep the story going.  Btw I’m not talking about rebooting the series, I just want to update old artwork. It should make it easier for new readers to get into the story too!

However, the amount of ALL the content I’d like to redraw is about 200~ pages. The process needs some serious time-management. :B
Hence, figured I’d go about redrawing incrementally to balance between the sheer amount of work and not delaying the story. For a start I’d like to give the first chapter “Home” a glow-up, considering it’s only 24 pages long and should be a manageable first step.

So that’s the idea. I still have some work left on Chapter 10 and that comes first, however I’m really confident I’m going to follow up on that idea as soon as “Witch” is completed.