And that is it. “Witch” has wrapped, a smooth run aside from initial difficulties, but now it’s confirmed that the chapter break will last only a month. We’ll get to chapter 11 “Off-Path” very quickly~ I’ll be throwing a mid-break update at your way on the 14th of October.


Officials aside, I’ve had a day today. I’m setting up a display for YIH in Oulu’s mainlibrary, meaning 150 kilometers away from my home. But when I got there today with a couple measly prints, I realised I had way more room to put stuff up, so I’ll go tomorrow again with every print I have to spare. Been preparing all night and boy am I ready for the weekend.

I do feel a little better about myself. Get really skittish about putting things on display aside from social media, which are comfortable enough places for me. Real life display is a different beast… Glad that I got sorted out anyway and I feel a little more experienced now!


With that, Happy Halloween season! I’ll see you in about two weeks♥