Oh, look who turned up! And he’s pissed off.


Did a whole bunch of things last weekend! The recap section has been published now which I’ll try to update as each chapter finishes.
I added my instagram handle to the social links too. What I do there is that I try to record and edit the drawing progress to go with most of the artwork that I post there.

Also, I started to feel quite stressed over trying to run everything on my main Twitter account, so I created YIH its own.
I want to start posting more about projects I’m involved in, independent artwork and other people’s artwork, but I didn’t want to overshadow YIH or cram things into your face that you might not be interested in..
So, I decided to plunge into running two accounts.

I’ll still keep reposting all the page updates/art posts through my main account.
But if you want the filtered feed of pure YIH, this is the one you’ll want to follow.