Mikael has to restrain himself now. Even Piki joins in with Jaakko on the scorn.


That’s it for this week! Been a supremely busy week, next will go along the same lines. It’s the one prior to the holidays after all, lots to wrap up before a decent rest.

I’ve got an artwork coming along solely on Lempo,  hope I’ll be able to finish it before the holidays. In fact I totally forget to show art here…

Think I should start creating some sort of gallery here on the website, I’ve gotten too used to putting it all on the Twitter and that’s it.


And now that I’ve got that idea in my head, yup, nothing’s gonna stop me. Gonna start on that.
Because I have a problem with ideas, I have to start doing them immediately or I can’t sleep otherwise.
(It’s probably not gonna be anything super fancy, but I’ll try whip something together at least.)

** EDIT 4 hours later: Well it’s done and there it is. A new gallery section, ain’t that something. I’m beat….