Backhanded compliments, Veeti realises them fully – but he has an idea.


This week has been a bit somber. Our miniature schnauzer, Ruka, a lady of 12 years old passed away the night between Sunday and Monday. She lived with my mum and dad so I didn’t get to spend the last moments with her, which might’ve been for the best. I don’t really cry easy, but when it comes to her, the waterworks just start going. Ruka however never liked crying, so it would’ve been stressful for her to listen to me sniffle. Gladly I did get to see her on the Saturday before.


Mum and dad were going to call a vet on Monday ready to let her go, while she wasn’t in any acute pain. I called my mum first thing in the morning and asked if she’d found an available vet, and mum simply told me that it’s not necessary anymore.

The more I’ve been thinking about how she passed away, the more relieved I am. She went gently in her own home, with her closest pack, on her own spot in the living room. Her passing was not a surprise to us. She suffered from a functional deficiency in the lungs, typical to her breed. She lived longer than we first thought frankly.

We’ll miss her so much. Incredibly intelligent dog and we always joked that she could talk to us in clear perfect Finnish if she just bothered. We got her from a pure-breed litter from my sister. She was the smallest puppy in the bunch and I remember watching my sister help her to get a turn to eat. I can’t remember who it was that first wanted to take Ruka, I just remember my sister asking that she’d stay in the family.

Ruka never broke anything, the only thing she ever practiced her puppy teeth on was her own bed. As a 6 month year old puppy, she had an unfortunate encounter with a horse where Ruka’s left front leg broke completely. It was a difficult summer, she had a plate of iron holding the bones together, but she never became fearful of anything.

She made us giggle so many times. Mum and dad took great care of her.