Veeti is very set on concealing what’s going on for now. And that’s the last page of the chapter! Thanks for sticking along with this snowy installment~


Upcoming update schedule? It’s… Gonna be a nightmare for you guys, I have to admit.
There will be absolutely no set schedule, and I don’t even have weekends marked on my calendar to draw YIH for now.
All I know is, I want to use more time on the art. When can I do that however…? I’m gonna have to decide week-by-week basis on what I can do.

I’ll be uploading new pages as I get them done. Unfortunately that’s the most I can promise you at the moment. 😛
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Oh, and on a final note: I’ll upload the first two extra chapters here as free reads in the upcoming weeks. Think it’s time that everyone can get access to those, I thoroughly appreciate everyone who’s bought them and gave me a price for them. It really helped, and I’d like to spread the joy further now. ♥