Year In Hereafter is an indie fantasy webcomic inspired by the Finnish Folklore
and the Finnish national epic, Kalevala. The story resides in a few separate realities,
one of them being our world and the modern age, and a fictional universe based on Kalevala's
poetry and stories. This parallel world thus has been named to its namesake, known as the
Northern Continent of Kalevala.

The comic updates regularly on Sundays with occasional surprise updates on Wednesdays.

Plenty of changes in updating frequencies, why?

So! Suddenly going from 3 pages per week to only one weekly update was a sudden change, but there are plenty of reasons.

First off, I’m doing another collaboration project that has been taking a lot of my time. Taken that it’s new, it needs a website, and there’s just a huge bunch of other stuff it demands for me to take care of.

Secondly, there is finally real paying jobs available for me, so I’m hauling in everything I can from part-time jobs and fulltime jobs. Unfortunately Year In Hereafter has to wait for me a little bit sometimes.

Twitter is still the best source to check in whether some weeks will be left without updates, but I’m so stuffed with work to do right now that I have to sacrifice one thing for another. :B