And the website is back!

So. I'm going to try to describe what happened during this chaos as well as I can, importing and checking everything for the last couple hours has drained me significantly and I'm pretty worn out.

At the beginning of April, I noticed that I can't log into my wordpress admin, which I've been using for the last 3 years without significant issues.

Well, figured that it's a temporary issue, no need to worry about it, the comic wasn't looking forward to any updates any time soon.

Well the issue never fixed itself. I tried to upload this comic above^, but I just couldn't log in, and finally tried to find the problem. Then I contacted my host.

I tried to show their people my problem, so they could 'diagnose' what was ailing my website. What ended up to be pretty useless back and forth for a couple e-mails, it ended with the host telling me to 'google the solution'. So I tried. And nothing helpful came up.

The next I heard from the host was a customer satisfaction survey. Which I dignifiedly declined to fill out, because I was feeling pretty salty, but on the other hand I understand they couldn't just magically fix it. I swallowed it, accepted that I have to kick Wordpress, and replace all the pages from the last 3 years. It wasn't fun but it's done. If there are any broken links, or other residual problems from this mass move, let me know in any way. Even comments below work!

But finally, I get to share you this extra chapter from 2017. :'D

It has been a support item for a couple of years, it's time to share the sweet joy for everyone. ♥

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