22 / Jan / 2023

Thank you tons for the feedback on the discord channel earlier ♥ I'm still being very indecisive about it but at least I know that it doesn't need to be anything overtly complicated. Kinda smol and cosy - which I agree with. x'3

Sorry I took updating this long! Kinda forgot it's Sunday and I should have updated by now. I've been at work/school non-stop for the past 2 weeks for a simple reason.
I've worked longer weeks so that I could have the next weekend completely off for my top-surgery, scheduled next Friday. It's already been delayed once but everything looks good this time round. :D
Hope I didn't jinx myself.

So I've been a busy scatterbrained mess and this page got late because of it. XD I have a ton of school work to finish before Friday as well, so I can peacefully recover and make that big step forward. I'll continue being scatterbrained for a little longer...