12 / Oct / 2023

Heya! This is a page to let you know the comic is not dead. I'm not updating frequently yet, this works as a status update more than anything in case you haven't kept up on the frontpage. Or social media. Which I hardly use 'cus... Social media really feels clumsy now. I don't know if it serves my purposes atm so I largely ignore using it :P

During the previous update I had a surgery, it's healed wonderfully and I'm good health wise. My dog is in good health, I'm almost a graduated nurse, got a job sorted, everything's good.

I'm working on a 100 page buffer atm. Once that's done, I can upload 2 pages per week for a really long time, the thought of that makes me so happy!
I've made 70 pages so far, YIH will get regular page updates before long. :D
I'll publish the Discord channel when updates continue for easy notifications, for those who like using Discord.

P.S. Thank you for the well-wishes and checking back on the website. :')
You're truly lovely human beings. I can't stress how much I mean that.