"Year In Hereafter" in a few words...

The story takes place in three parallel universes: Our modern world as we know it; The Deathrealm "Tuonela", an enigmatic borderless realm that dwells in the middle; Then finally "Kalevala", a landmass populated by an oldfashioned nation right out of a storybook.

Year In Herafter doesn't repeat the events of the traditional Kalevala-epic to the letter, but portrays a portion of them, featuring a couple of its heroes and villains.
It tells the story of the three Heroes. These three heroes are lads from our own earth, two with shamanistic abilities and one completely regular city fella, and how they find their new identities on this dangerous unearthly journey.
On the opposite side of them, they have the Nine Diseases guarding their true and final target, Loviatar.


Loviatar is on a conquest of realms. She is a deity of death and disease, and she has ambitions to grow her territory.
Born in the death realm of Tuonela, a gateway between a vast number of worlds, she had an endless reach to anywhere and all places.
But even so, she wasn't satisfied not having a world of her very own and for her cursed offspring.

Eons ago Loviatar attempted to take over Kalevala with the help of her vast amounst of minions and children, the kalmahinen, which she almost succeeded at.
If it wasn't for the Legendary heroes Väinämöinen, Lemminkäinen, Ilmarinen and Joukahainen, Kalevala would be nothing but a vast withered glacier.

After the heroes banished Loviatar from Kalevala back to the death realm, Loviatar was left to lick her wounds and plot her revenge.
While she had not completely succeeded in her earlier efforts, she had left the Northern half of Kalevala, Pohjola a barren glacier for ever. The people from southern Kalevala, Väinölä, have ruled Pohjola a land of witches and curses.
While the people of Väinölä were completely confident that Loviatar was banished forever, little did they know she was planning on a comeback.

But in order to regain the strength for conquering Kalevala, she first set forth an invasion to the realm of Earth, in Lapland of Finland and let her spawn fester there first.

About the author

Miikka/Mikael H. was born in 1993 at the very heart of Finland. Studied 5 years in total of Audiovisual Communication, graduating from two vocational fields. 3 years of Cinema/Multimedia in Haapavesi Folk High School, and 2 years of Game Development in North Karelia College Outokumpu. Begun dabbling in graphics freelancing ever since graduating in 2014, became a full-time freelancer in 2018, did that until 2021. COVID struck hard as a freelance artist, so I had another career change. Currently I'm studying as a practical nurse under an apprenticeship contract in a retirement home.

As a 2D artist I am self-taught. Started working on Year In Hereafter in the summer 2015.
The comic is planned to be a 1000 page long story, with a possible epilogue.

I've spent quite some time with japanese roleplaying classics, where I absorb most of my influence from. I wanted to create a narrative roleplaying game, but there was no way I could make that happen by myself alone. However, the burning passion to tell a story remained. I started experimenting with comics, and with a few years of practice, YIH came into existence.

Other facts

Year In Hereafter published its first installment in the series in 14/7/2015, starting on Tapastic(Now Tapas).
In the spring 4/11/2016, the website was published and became YIH's primary home. The Tapas-series still updates, infrequently however.

The tools I use for drawing YIH are currently Adobe Photoshop CS5 for sketching, colouring and lettering, Clip Paint Studio Pro for inking. Wacom Cintiq 13HD for a tablet.

Can I translate this comic or publish it on your behalf somewhere else?

Unauthorized 3rd party publications or translations are not preferred without discussing it with me first.

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E-mail: contact@yihcomic.com
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