"Year In Hereafter" in a few words...

The story takes place in three parallel universes: Our modern world as we believe to know it. Land of the Dead, Tuonela, an enigmatic borderless realm that dwells in the middle. Then finally Kalevala, a landmass populated by an oldfashioned nation, and creatures also.

Year In Herafter doesn't repeat the events of the traditional Kalevala-epic, but rather lives on the inheritance of its heroes and anti-sorts, telling the story of three new heroes from borders beyond realms. The comic tells their journey to defeat the Nine Diseases, ultimately leading them to their mother and the new ruling mistress of the North, Loviatar.

As the Kalmahinen, the primary malevolent force rising from Lapland's silent wetland attempt to rise to power, they taint the land and everything that lives from it. The sudden rising numbers in this enigmatic and ill natured otherworldly army has been kept back by a number of guardiangs in the Harmonsuo family, sacrificing their young to their little-known cause in the seventh generation today. As this unknown force begins to grow stronger and more unpredictable, the heroes and their helper are taken to a journey unto Väinölä's coldening winds and under Pohjola's brightest stars, all the way to the very root of this evil, ultimately to quench it.

About the artist

Born in 1993 at the very heart of Finland. Studied 5 years in total of Audiovisual Communication, graduating from two vocational fields. 3 years of Cinema/Multimedia in Haapavesi Folk High School, and 2 years of Game Development in North Karelia College Outokumpu. I've stayed an active graphics freelancer after graduating in 2014.

As an artist I'm self-taught. I started working on Year In Hereafter in the summer 2015, and look forward to making it a 1000 page long story.

I've spent a lot of time with videogames, mainly japanese roleplaying classics and turn based strategy-games, where I absorb most influence when it comes to storywriting. Originally I wanted to start writing a game, but after realising that I couldn't make the game that I wanted, I started to experiment with comics. I used to hate drawing comics prior to this, and now I can't think of enjoying anything else more.

Scandinavian and Greece mythology also hold a great part of the inspiration, Kalevala being the mainframe I chose to work with for YIH.

Other facts

Year In Hereafter published its first installment in the series in 14/7/2015, starting on Tapastic.
In the spring 4/11/2016, the website was published and YIH has updated exclusive in here ever since.

The tools I use for drawing are currently Adobe Photoshop CS5 for colours and general editorial, Clip Paint Studio Pro for inking the artwork, and I sport a Wacom Cintiq 13HD for a tablet.

Let's strike hand to hand,
Fingers into finger-gaps

That we may sing some good things
Set some of the best things forth
For those darling ones to hear
For those with a mind to know
Among the youngsters rising
Among the people growing.

Those words we have got
Tales we have kindled
From old Väinämöinen's belt
Up from Ilmarinen's forge
From the tip of Farmind's brand
From the path of Joukahainen's bow,
From the North's furthest fields,
from the heaths of Kalevala.

- The Kalevala / Old Karelian poems about ancient times of the Finnish people
translated by Keith Bosley
Finland celebrates Kalevala Day on February 28th