Mikael (Mika) Rundstrom

∙ Age: 24
∙ Birthdate: 23/12/'91

Slightly spoiled, eccentric Finn-Swede kid from Helsinki. Hasn't quite figured out what he wants to do for a career. Spirited, mostly optimistic.

Wouldn't hurt a fly.

Veeti Harmonsuo

∙ Age: 31
∙ Birthdate: 15/07/'84

A sorcerer of various abilities, harnesses elemental aspects and walks the spiritual realm. Calm and stoic.

Lacks any proper school- or job background.

Sakari Harmonsuo

∙ Age: 22?
∙ Birthdate: 13/03/'81

A womanizer, boastful of his magic which he refuses to show in public for "general safety". Heroic and fearless.

Vanished from his home and family in 2013. Older twin to Inkeri.

Jaakko Ilmarinen

∙ Blacksmith's apprentice
∙ An orphan

Son of a long line of blacksmiths. Holds a bursting temper with a sensitive heart.

Main resident and keeper of the Rautiola Forge.



∙ Shapeshifter
∙ Deity of the forests

Lempo is the originator of the swamp guards. He has overseen and blessed the Harmonsuo family with their supernatural abilities for the past 7 generations.

First son of Loviatar.

Siiri Harmonsuo

∙ Age: 53
∙ Birthdate: 02/11/'62

Powerful sorcerer and mother of the family. She finds strength in the soil and dwelling spirits of the forests, small and great.

Last survivor of her 3 other siblings who all perished rather young.

Kari Tapio

∙ Age: 62
∙ Birthdate: 05/08/'53

Unlike the rest of the family, Kari doesn't inherit their magic. Runs the reindeer husbandry of the Harmonsuo farm. Nerves of steel, lax as a sloth.

Endured the stress and faff of marriage only after all of his and Siiri's 4 children were born. More convenient taxes.

Inkeri Harmonsuo

∙ Age: 34
∙ Birthdate: 03/03/'81

Studied to become a nurse, Inkeri has been taking a break from the swamp business to work and later become a mother. Shares a similar magical potent with her twin brother. Rash but kind.

Younger twin to Sakari.

Helmi Harmonsuo

∙ Age: 12
∙ Birthdate: 05/09/'03

No one's quite clear on what Helmi's magical abilities are. Socially awkward but terribly smart. Prefers her own company and a fun game.

Naps a lot.

Harri Harmonsuo

∙ Age: 23
∙ Birthdate: 28/04/'92

Has a knack for healing and remedying magic, however he has become a pacifist and refuses the swamp duty. Aspires and studies to become a doctor.

Lives quite far from home.

Sampsa Harmonsuo

∙ Died in 1966.
∙ Siiri's big brother.

Perished to tuberculosis, inflicted to him by the kalmahinen in an ambush.

Decided to stick around after his death for revenge.

Johannes Lapintaival

∙ Age: 35
∙ Birthdate: 07/07/'80

A senior police officer, highly anxious. He's neurotic about the swamp after fracturing his rib in an accident there. Big man with a gentle soul.

Best friend to Sakari, husband to Inkeri, father to Helmi.

Sulo Rautio

∙ Master Blacksmith
∙ Jaakko's guardian

A reputable blacksmith, doesn't care for layabouts. Just and loyal.

Sulo has a very distinct appearance. Not only that, he's lived for at least 300 years.

Ieva Pajari

∙ Infantry Captain
∙ Guardian of the Civil

A strict woman. Keeps her peace-enjoying infantry in shape, a job harder than one would think.

She holds the greatest authority in matters of common people. Doesn't shy away from any challenge.

Hasse Tenkko &
Lotta Kiherrys

∙ The Head of Scout...
∙ ...And The Booker

Hasse is either seen loitering around catching his breath, or running for dear life.

Lotta is an inoffensive, entirely polite paper pusher.

Both are Ieva's errand runners. Or formally speaking, assistant.

Unto and the Elves

∙ The Hermit
∙ Masters of Sauna, remedy and medicine

Elves are a fading creature, known only to exist as a small number in Valkeala's sauna chambers. They've stopped speaking common language, no one knows why.

Unto yet speaks Kalevala's language. Like all elves, he's ancient. His house is a small library of lost knowledge.

Sussu Kataja

∙ Unto's Gardener and Scholar
∙ Visitor of foreign background

Sussu is an eager herbalist, currently residing with Unto.

In return for her help, Unto gives her permission to examine his forgotten books and scrolls.


Anna myötämieli

∙ Stable girl
∙ An orphan

Lost her family to the kalmahinen. As a young orpan she earned hardly a dime no matter her efforts. She had no choice but move to the barracks.

Now she works in public service for the city of Valkeala, roof over her head and daily meals as payment.



∙ Daughter of Tuoni
∙ Tuonela's Ferrywoman

Tytti is the guardian of Tuonela. Unsympathetic to unannounced trespassers in her realm. Keeps an unceasing watch with bottomless black eyes.

Has a bunch of squirrely helpers.

Mr. Haukka

∙ Keeper of Secrets
∙ Head Jailer

Mr. Haukka is an elusive member of the high councel of Valkeala. Calm and rational, he holds the master key to all Valkeala's secrets.

He's either seen tending to prison business, or investigating where murder freshly happened.

Michael Hawk

Aura Kultala

∙ High Lady of Valkeala
∙ Head of High Counsel

Firm-handed, soft-faced highborn woman. Holds the position of highest authority in Valkeala.

Her recipe to happiness is living a modest life.

Witch exiles

∙ Leaded by Punakuura, ex Head of Foreign Affairs
∙ Generally seedy folk

Any suspected witch enjoys very little tolerance from general populus. It is believed they charm their way into high positions and power.

After the kekri battle all known witches were apprehended. They've managed an almost laughably easy escape and now roam as exiles.

Black Wings Fallow